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At The Asado Authority, most of our team members have been cooking since they were little kids. Our early memories were of having delicious food near the fire pit, the grill, and spending quality time with family.


Years ago, in 2002, I took on the mission of making meaningful memories for those around me. As you already know, life is too short and we deserve to be happy. It was then that I decided to bring the flavors of Argentinian Asado to the world, starting in South Florida.


So we started by combining state of the art grills, high quality meats, and rustic decor. Therefore, we bring the warmth and elegance of a steakhouse restaurant to your home.


Your event will be transformed. You will love our gourmet stations. The table with appetizers leads to the main grill station where a master chef cooks the meats you love. Additionally, the sweets on the table will make you crave more sweetness.

The Asado Authority


An Argentinan Experience

The Asado Authority is a unique catering company located in Miami, FL. The talented chefs here would be delighted to offer you delicious Argentinian cuisine. The Asado Authority specializes in traditional asado and can serve up premium grilled meats on-site. You and your guests can have the fantastic experience of a tremendous deluxe steakhouse right at your doorstep. The team always uses high-quality meat and fresh seafood, and all ingredients are cooked to perfection to ensure the best of the best for your big day. These master grill chefs would love to be a part of your big day and offer something unique to your celebrations. 

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